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Marriage of J6!
Read the Design Notes for behind the scenes information!

AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG

AQWorlds is a massively multiplayer role-playing game that plays right inside your web browser. There is no software to download or install -- and this MMO is FREE! Battle monsters in real-time RPG combat alongside your friends. Check out the screenshots and then see what chaos and insanity is in development now on Artix & Cysero's design notes.

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Become a member in AQWorlds and you get access to member-only exclusive classes, weapons, areas, stories, shops, quests and special pets... including Dragons which can be turned into a Dracolich! And we will continue to introduce new member perks - our way of thanking you for supporting AQWorld's weekly releases!

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September 28, 2012

J6 & Cinazool Wedding Event

Cakes, Cruise, and Crashers!

The love J6 and Cinazul share shines brighter than the largest gold bounty! This week, join the AQWorlds team and 30,000 of your fellow heroes as we celebrate true love more valuable than any loot... but don't worry, we've got all the battle-ready wedding gear a guest could want!

In J6's Cake, Cruise, and Crashers wedding event, take a ride on the Love Goat, then face down his long-time rival to keep make sure that the big day goes off without a hitch!

Don't miss the Silver Eternal Flame, Honeymoon Hyperium House, and other love-ly wedding rares! Check in Battleon for the NEW houses in J6's Rare House shop, too!

September 24, 2012

Guilds Now in AQWorlds

Upgrade now to create your own Guild!

Battle together with your Guild-mates in AQWorlds NOW! All Heroes are able to join a Guild, but we've reserved the ability to create Guilds for members! Upgrade now to create and lead a group of your friends in epic battles across Lore!

You'll start with 15 spaces for new Guild members, but if you need more, you'll be able to add Guild Member slots for 200 AdventureCoins each!

September 24, 2012

14 Days Left for TMBG Event

Play the 3rd Birthday Event before it's Gone!

Our biggest special event ever is waiting for YOU... but leaves forever October 13th, 2012! Space, Time, and WORLD-SHAKING BATTLES! Confront The Collector head-on to save yourself, They Might Be Giants, and a pre-Chaotic kid Drakath or you'll be a part of his Collection... for eternity! Join us for epic collectibles... and YOU are the rarest of them all!

They Might Be Giants in THE COLLECTOR

It's your LAST Chance to get:

  • TWO Character page and Book of Lore achievements!
  • EPIC Token merge shops!
  • Talk to Itzachi in Battleon to buy the Vindictor of They class for 2,000 Adventure Coins!
  • Finish farming tokens for the Vindicator of They class!
  • Super-Fan Swag Merge Shop!
  • It Might Be A House Item Shop!
  • And TWO ALL-NEW TMBG song written JUST for AQWorlds!

September 21, 2012

Guild Rush is Live

Grab Your Guild-Mates and Battle On!

All players are able to join a Guild tonight! J6 in Battleon has a series of quests for you - some of AQW's biggest, baddest boss monsters have bounties on their heads... and he needs YOUR Guild to take them down!

The Avengers Guild take on Ultra-Carnax!

Our Talk Like a Pirate Day and Limited Quantity Shops are still available, as well! Get the most epic gear while it's still here!

September 18, 2012

Yarrrr, Talk Like a Pirate!


/Join Battleon to get your hands on new pirate booty tonight! We've got the art previews you scurvy dogs have been begging for, but Quibble Coinbiter won't take your doubloons for them until his shop opens at 6pm!

We've got a bountiful booty of epic piratical equips:

  • Blazing Naval Commander
  • Chaos Naval Commander
  • Steampunk Pirate Captain
  • Scruffbuckler and Galleon Girl
  • Blazing Parrot Pet
  • Pirate Quibble Bank Pet
  • Chaos Pirate Base House
  • And more!

September 14, 2012

Limited Quantity Shop NOW!

Limited Quantity Shop is LIVE

MOVE MOVE MOVE! /Join Battleon to check out our shop of epically Good-themed gear, but be fast because there are only a limited quantity of each item. Once they're gone, they're gone for good! Check out these Design Notes for details on pricing and quantity.

Learn from Iadoa... before he is Chaorrupted!

Take on the ultimate enemy this week in The Span! As Iadoa struggles to battle the Chaorruption infecting him, YOU need to battle the zone's first Chaos Beast! Will he be able to hold on long enough to teach you what you need to know in order to defeat Chaos?

September 07, 2012

Confirm Email for Power Gems

Ready to earn some awesome free items?

Did someone say FREE items? Oooh yes I did—and here is everything you need to know about Power Gems, what they do, how you get them, and the amazing free items you can get. Read on my friends!

You MUST have a confirmed email to get Power Gems

Artix & Sepulchure Figures

NOW Available at HeroMart.com and Toys"R"Us

This is one of the most exciting days in AE History! Our very first Collectors Action Figures are now on sale at HeroMart (shipping world wide) and are also available at most Toys"R"Us stores across the U.S.!

The figures come with 5 exclusive cards for our card game, and an exclusive in-game class, weapon, armor, helm, and castle (with working trap door)! We are hearing nothing but good things about the two classes that come with the toys. See the breakdown of DoomKnight Overlord and Paladin High Lord in the Design Notes.

AQWorlds Collector Action FiguresAvailable online at HeroMart.com and most Toys"R"Us stores!

Artix (Paladin) figure includes:

  • 5 exclusive cards for the AQworlds Card Game
  • Paladin's Castle - with working trap door.
  • Palaidn HighLord Class
  • Paladin Highlord's Armor
  • Artix's Helm (not that he ever wears it... you should though!)
  • Highlord's Battleaxe of Destiny (Similiar to the Blinding Light)

Sepulchure (DoomKnight) figure includes:

  • 5 exclusive cards for the AQworlds Card Game
  • DoomKnight's Fortress- with working trap door.
  • DoomKnight Overlord Class
  • DoomKnight Overlord's Armor
  • Sepulchure's Helm (ULTRA RARE)
  • DoomKnight Overlord's DoomBlade

"Artix vs Sepulchure" Stop Motion video!

The talented stop-motion animator known as Counter656 created this AMAZING stop motion video called ""Artix vs Sepulchure!" He broke the figures up into smaller pieces and added extra joints (like they do in Robot Chicken) and posed them frame by frame to make it. Get the behind the scenes story of how this was made on the Design Notes . Please Watch it on YouTube and give us a "like"!

Note: Figures do not move on their own. Unless you are a master of puppet Necromancy. In which case, please make your own video and share your dark art with the world.

Shopping For Awesome

Epic Gear for Epic Gamers Like You!

If you need some more AWESOME, HeroMart has got exactly what you're looking for! Give the gift that keeps on giving... because most of the HeroMart items come with exclusive in-game items!

Get real life rares: score loot without having to battle bosses! If you haven't already, now's the time to get the 2012 Artix Entertainment Calendar! Bring a little more DOOM and CHAOS into your life with the BattleOn Upgrade Cards and set your sights on the ArtixPoints Electronic Gift Certificate to give a gift in ANY of the Artix Games! Head on over to HeroMart for hassle-free shopping!


Player Houses/Castles

"Home is where you hang your helm."

Buy your own place and customize it with over 400 house items. Invite your friends or visit their homes by typing /house . New items include a Tower of Necromancy house, paintings, statues, and a wide variety of landscaping items! Some rare house items like the Sneeviltron drop off of monsters! Future house styles will include Lairs, Flying Fortresses and more!

The KVampire Castle and other styles of house are now available

Evil Empress of the Shadowscythe

An Unlikely Alliance

Good & Evil vs the forces of Chaos

The story has begun! Will you join the side of good or evil in our battle against a common new foe? Use your Book of Lore to begin your adventure and join thousands of players each week as the story unfolds.

Good and Evil working together against the CHAOS!?

Good & Evil Shops!

Each faction has a special shop containing awesome looking armor and weapons. Visit the evil shop in Shadowfall or the good shop in Swordhaven.


Critical Hits!

Guard your Dragons from DEATH

Dragon pets are often Dracolich Petavailable in Aria's shop. Beware friends. There is a rumor that Death itself is roaming our world for some mysterious purpose. Whatever you do... do not let him touch your pet Dragon with his skeletal hand. Pet... Dracolich!?

Want more bag space?

You can now permenantly add up to 40 more slots in your backpack, 20 more to your bank or 20 more to your housing items. Talk to Valencia in the town of Battleon. AdventureCoins are now available via the upgrade page.

Get Wallpapers

Grab our newest wallpapers, created by Randor the Red at our official Wallpaper site.

Referred Friends earn you EXP and Gold!

Would you like your friends and family to earn you some gold and exp while you are offline? Check out our brand new refer-a-friend system. It is surprisingly fair and you can even earn AdventureCoins!
Click here to learn how

Bludrut Keep!

A Four Part Dungeon

Explore one of Lore's most legendary dungeons and unlock its secrets. You can get their using the new button in town, your map, or by typing /join bludrut

Bludrut keep is full of danger and secrets

Four levels of dungeons each with their own art and monsters. Brand new quests and adventure! Levels 1 & 2 are available to all players. Levels 3 & 4 are Member-Only. Monsters now have a small chance to drop the weapon they are holding. Including the Boss!

Red Dragon

Deadly Dungeons

It's dangerous to go alone!

Party up to battle untold dangers head on with a group of your friends! Massive amounts of treasure, gold, and exp await you within the heavily guarded and exceedingly treacherous dungeons that lie all across Lore!

Red Dragon Boss Fight
Can you defeat the Red Dragon?



Freedom to change and level up different Classes

AdventureQuest worlds was designed so that you can play ALL of the different classes with just one character. If you love mixing up your play style and trying different things out -- you will love this. Seek out trainers and obtain new classes. Some may require you to undergo special quests or meet certain requirements. Then, all you need to do is wear it and play to level it up. Each class has 10 ranks and unique skills that you can unlock. Leveling up the class may also cause the trainer to open up special shops with class specific gear for you to use... or even secret elite-class quests!


Customize your character even more with Armor!

Special armors can be found in shops and monster drops all over the world.

19 new RPG Armors
Hanging out with players at Yulgar's Inn


Continuous Releases!

New Zones, Quests, Items, Classes.... and more

The game is being developed right under your feet as you play it. We read our forums for your awesome ideas and suggestions and build as much as we can each week so there is always something new for you to look forward to! Also, here is a list of new features that Minimal, Zhoom and I are building for you next. Read the Design Notes for behind the scenes info!

  • Expandable Bag Space - Released!
  • Friends List - Released!
  • Player Parties - Released!
  • Live Events- Released!
  • Wars - Released!
  • Boss Monster AI - Released!
  • Housing - Released!
  • Stats - Released!
  • PvP - Released!
  • Guilds - In Development
  • New Pets!
  • New Zones
  • New Weapons
  • New Quests
  • New Classes
  • New Items
  • New Monsters
  • New Website
  • Even the new is new!

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